Sharing Saturday: Links I Liked This Week

Every Saturday I’d like to direct your attention to recent articles that I’ve found to be great resources or interesting reads.

When Does A Collection Become a Collection from Apartment Therapy by Colleen Quinn
A few weeks ago I asked where you draw the line between collecting and hoarding. In this article Colleen puts forth an interesting discussion about how a growing group of similar items turns into a collection.

Hoarders: They’re OCD-ing All Over My Blog Now from Just Humor Me by Diane Laney Fitzpatrick
As expected the season premiere of the original show about hoarders has spawned lots of comments and blog posts about the show and the people. Here’s one of those posts describing the possible future for hoarding-related reality shows.

The Link Between Personal Responsibility and an Uncluttered Life from Unclutterer by Erin Doland
This week Erin from Unclutterer reminds us that we are responsible for our own actions and our own situations, even when it comes to how clean or organized our homes and offices may be. We can’t change what we can’t control; but we do have the responsibility to act on what we can. As she says in this article: “If you want to make a change, you are the only one who can make that change happen.”

How to Be Successful When You Can’t Plan Ahead from Stepcase Lifehack by Mike Brown
This week was particularly difficult for me in terms of motivation. It almost felt like time was passing me by and I couldn’t get over whatever was holding me back. These are some great tips from Mike Brown on how you can keep yourself moving forward if you ever find yourself stuck in an unexpected rut.

Yesterday Influences Your Performance Today in Surprising Ways from Psychology Today by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph. D.
Apparently science these days is showing us that keeping up a positive attitude and reminding yourself of past successes will drastically improve your performance for the present and future. You train your mind into thinking that past instances of success aren’t the exception, they’re the rule in your life. This sounds quite similar to…

Changes from Confessions of A Closet Hoarder by Judy
Judy’s confidence in her own purging project as she displays in this post is truly a light of inspiration this week. She’s living proof that you can achieve it if you believe, and the more you work through obstacles the easier future obstacles become.

After I finished the garage, my family immediately started dreaming of big, and more importantly possible changes to our home. I’d heard of this website and saw a handful of articles from them before, but it wasn’t until this week that I began subscribing to Apartment Therapy. Although the site seems to be geared to young urban professionals, there is plenty of home decor & furniture eye candy for everyone, not to mention excellent ideas for home organization. It’s officially my new favorite website.

One thought on “Sharing Saturday: Links I Liked This Week

  1. A REALLY GREAT site for clutter busting and organizing your life in general is

    Fly Lady has been around for over a decade, and has developed some great tools to help KEEP the house uncluttered once you DO get there, as well as ways to bust a mildly cluttered house. Also ways to get family involved, or how to handle it when they won’t. You might enjoy the site.

    Also, I keep remembering a story about the Zappa kids. Frank Zappa didn’t require them to clean their rooms or anything. The house, while not bad, was cluttered and busy with musicians and artists coming and going, partying, etc. All three of his kids are now neat and fairly organized, as they did NOT like having the chaos of their childhood, and kept their own spaces tidy from a young age. You remind me of them, that you are fighting against the mess, and will keep your own spaces well once you gain balance and space.

    Also, if you get BBCAmerica, you might see if you can watch “How Clean is Your House?”. Fascinating to see that the clutter and mess problems are not just in America! Although they did do some shows in California, many of the early ones were in the UK. They give great cleaning tips, and show how to make cleaning supplies from simple items like lemon juice and salt, or the great vinegar and baking soda! And they’re funny.


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