Sharing Saturday: Links I Liked This Week

Every Saturday I’d like to direct your attention to recent articles that I’ve found to be great resources or interesting reads.

If You Plan to Speak Forever, You Can Blog Forever from Financial Samurai by Sam
This one goes out to all of the people out there who are hoarders, children or family of hoarders, who have started blogs to talk about their experiences and document the progress of their clean-up process that have since abandoned their writing. There’s a bunch of you out there, I know it. Talk about your experiences, we need to hear you and learn from you.

The Double Life – Which One Are You? from The Dynamic Life by Hugh
An excellent poem by Don Blanding about living double lives. While Hugh says it encourages people to want to travel, I see the poem describing the inner struggle within us between having things and having experiences.

The Minimalist’s Guide to Cultivating Passion from Zen Habits by Cal Newport
The most recent years of my life can be largely classified by the paralysis of passion that Cal Newport so eloquently describes in this guest post. Discovering your passion should not be forced; the best way to find it is by doing less. In my own journey, just the thought of freeing up my time to do less helped me find the courage to pursue this project that has grown into a newfound passion.

Frugality and Accumulation from The Simple Dollar by Trent
In this article, Trent discusses the spectrum from minimalist to hoarding and where frugalism falls between it. He draws the line between being frugal and being a hoarder.

The more I do this I notice that I tend to post articles from some of the same sites over and over again. I need to add more variety to my RSS reader!

Anyway, I’d also like to spotlight an interesting website I just learned about this week called New York City Garbage. Justin Gignac is an artist and entrepreneur who is challenging the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” by neatly packaging NYC trash and selling it to people. You can litter-ally own a piece of New York City.

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