Sharing Saturday: Links I Liked This Week

Every Saturday I’d like to direct your attention to recent articles that I’ve found to be great resources or interesting reads.

Staying Organized: 8 Tips for Daily Sanity from by Debbie Bowie
With the right tools, it can be easy to get organized, but the real challenge is in staying organized. One of the reasons stuff piled up in my own home is because we didn’t develop the right habits. This article offers great advice on what habits to have and how to maintain them.

How Not to Fail at Frugality from The Simple Dollar by Trent
If hoarding is a product of overconsumption and consumption requires spending money, it makes sense that a lot of good practices in personal finance can apply to organization. In this article, Trent discusses how to be frugal without giving up things that are important to you. The best takeaway quote for me is when he describes the “laundry detergent” factor vs. the “latte” factor: “The trick is figuring out which of those little thing really does brighten your life – and which of those things don’t.” This is a mantra I’ll have to take with me not only when purchasing things but also when sorting through stuff.

How to Stay Focused When Plans Keep Changing from Dumb Little Man by Chrissy Scivicque
This article totally resonates with me because like Chrissy I’m huge on planning for things. If things don’t go as planned I get really frustrated, as you saw from me on Wednesday. So needless to say, reading this article was quite timely.

Go big or go home? from Unclutterer by Erin Doland
This is a great reflective piece about our unconscious desire to live in a bigger house. It’s interesting how engrained “bigger is better” is in our minds that we could base our decisions for the bigger objects on impulse. Erin steps back to evaluate if a big house with all of its responsibilities is really what she wants.

The Best You Can Do vs. The Best You Can Do With What’s Available from Exile Lifestyle by Colin
My mom used to always tell me to make the most of every situation, to make the most of what you’ve got when and where you’ve got it. This post by Colin is an excellent reminder that you’ve gotta work with what you have and often you’ll surprise yourself with the results.

And finally I’d like to highly recommend a great site I just learned about last week called If I Were a Hoarder. It’s a collection of articles, photos, videos of just about all things related to hoarding. Some tidbits are hilarious and silly while others are very informed and erudite. Definitely check it out.

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